John Forsythe


My name is John Forsythe. The purpose of this site is to briefly explain my background, interests and projects that I have worked on.

Currently I am working at a proprietary trading firm in Chicago. I have always had a passion for financial markets and how they rapidly change. Trading is a way I am able to express my creativity in the markets while managing risk. Solving problems and executing my ideas is something I enjoy doing everyday. 

Being an athlete at heart, I love to compete and work hard. My drive to improve everyday is a quality that has helped me in all aspects of my life. When faced with a problem, I like to dive into the weeds and figure out what exactly is going on. For example, SilverGlade Analytics, is a program my roommates and I developed while studying at The University of Iowa. It helps identify patterns and behaviors from tweets using large data sets. I will talk more about that under Projects.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, mountains, and oceans. Whenever I can, I try to see new things and explore different cities. The difference of cultures is what interest me the most about traveling because It gives me a broader perspective on the way cities function.


SilverGlade Analytics: Patent Parsing
SilverGlade was first developed to immidialaty pick up on fraudulent reports and news all over the web. Twitter has opened up a can of worms in the markets, allowing large “pump and dump” trends to influence trading decisions.

Later after some more research, we were able to use the same NLTK libraries from Twitter to scan the FDA Orange book and detect upcoming patent expirations on different pharmaceutical drugs. From this, we ran our own models and predicted where the corresponding equity price would be after the exclusivity is over. For more information you can head over to

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